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Why School House Art was founded

School House Art was founded in January 2013 by Fee Bowie. Teaching children the Chronology of Man using art as the medium, came from Fee’s passion to use art as a communicator, and to use art as a form of expression that is relevant to its’ subject. Art is more appreciated if the onlooker can relate to it, whether it is colour, subject, form or composition. Artists throughout history have created art as a record of their time. It may be political, a portrait or expressing a viewpoint. Art and the materials used to create art have evolved as society has developed through time.

Our Classes

The principle of learning in this context is to make it a non classroom setting where children of different ages can absorb a way of thinking from each other and essentially from a visual angle. Not only do they learn and have to find language to express their own thoughts on images from Cave Art through to the Modern day but they will find their own creative expression using materials sympathetic to the time. 

There is always so much extra curricular activities to keep up with, and this is why we operate on a fortnightly basis, although further classes are available.

Events & Workshops

Cave Art

15,000 B.C.E.
Geographical reference
Looking at Lascaux Caves and Altermira.
Habitat, Climate, Clothing and Food.
Hunting, stone and wooden tools and type of animals - Mammoth, bison, horses, rhino, reindeer and antelope; land animals.
Materials for the production of art work in this time.

Mesopotamia and The Sumerians

5000 - 3000B.C.E.
Geographical reference
Read text of first person living in this time making reference to:
Climate - glacier bridges, land more apparent and rivers as the

climate warmed.
Agriculture is now becoming a larger part of life, and not just hunting.
Clothing was becoming more complex with the growth of flax.
Food was also becoming more sophisticated.
There is more record of culture from this period. Cuneiform tablets recorded household goods, the law, leaders, “Epic” Tales (legends), a game that refers to that similar to chess, harps were played.
Carvings of images have also been a way of recoding life during this time and obtaining information.

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